About Us

The West Haven Center for Coastal Ecology is an independent, educational, and a non-profit organization. It was founded with the goal of providing the children of West Haven and surrounding communities a forum for science education. 


The center is designed to utilize the natural resources of the West Haven community in an effort to increase awareness of both the environment and the community. It is our belief that by giving the children the opportunity to investigate and learn in the ecosystems that they are part of the Long Island Estuarine System, they will establish bonds of friendship and community with other children working in the same environment. If children understand something, they tend to protect it – and it is what ecology is, protecting your environment. 


The object of this letter is to acquire the funding necessary to run the “Eco’ Camp” by providing items needed for crabbing, fishing, seining, Salt Marsh and Woodland exploration, and other earth science lessons and experiments. We ask that you consider donating materials or making a donation to the Center so that we can continue teaching children to understand what they have learned to better protect our fragile shorelines.


If you would like to help us, or would like to hear more about our work, please feel free to contact Nancy Paone at (203) 605-0479. (If you wish to donate online, you may do so my clicking on the Donate button or by going to the donate page under about us.)

Eco Camp

Old Grove Park

Palace Street, West Haven, CT 06516